Technet Roadside Assistance Program

J&J partners with Technet Professional to provide Roadside Assistance anytime and anywhere. J&J is part of the nationwide network, built on trust and over 9000 members, to provide assistance and to treat our customers like family. Its simple-- have your truck or car worked on by J&J's certified technicians and you are enrolled in the Technet membership with Roadside Assistance. Covered services are towing,lock-out assistance, flat tire assistance, fluid delivery, and battery jump start. Don't roll anywhere until you've got your program coverage information.

Roadside Assistance info

When traveling 25 miles away from J&J, contact the National Warranty Administrator at (866) 588-0728

CLAIMS Contact Information:

Roadside Assistance Claim Submission:

1-866-924-3668 (fax)